August in Action.

August is time for congressional recess. And it's time for your activism. On your home turf. 

Get prepared, get the resources, hit the streets (and town halls), hold your members of Congress accountable. And take back our democracy.

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This August, we hit the streets.

Over this recess, we want to show our MoCs that Indivisible groups are everywhere. Group members will be at farmers markets, at parades, at BBQs and even going out in neighborhoods. You’ll be talking to your community about how your MoC voted on TrumpCare, and asking your neighbors to take action to hold your MOC accountable by making a phone call on the spot. You’ll also leave a flyer with as many people as possible, which talks about your MoC and their vote on Trumpcare; we want these flyers to eventually filter back to the MoCs staff and the MoC themselves. You can also tell the people you’re talking to about your group in the process, and recruit new members!

Our goal is to generate as many calls as possible, sign up new members, and educate everyone we talk to about their MoC’s vote. There are two types of canvassing to do during August Recess: door to door and high traffic.

Watch the Videos

Over the course of August, Congress will be on recess for several weeks. This is a tremendous opportunity for Indivisible groups across the country to keep up the pressure on their senators and representatives. Whether at festivals, town halls, parades, public events, or even fundraisers, August recess is a huge moment for grassroots groups to demonstrate their strength and reach, and to make their voices heard and continue holding their members of Congress accountable. Indivisible is excited to partner with NextGen on a video series to give simple and practical tips for constituents looking to make their voices heard. These videos cover some of the most common tools grassroots groups can use to exercise their constituent power this recess—from asking a tough question at a town hall, to holding your own constituents' town hall if your member of Congress won't have one, to shooting compelling video that can get press coverage and go viral.

The priorities: know them, use them, win.

Stand Up for Our Planet.

It's time to tell your members of Congress that we will not stand for Trump's dangerous policies that destroy our environment, our planet, and our future.

The future of health care could be decided over recess. If we let our guard down over recess, they’ll think they have an opening to bring TrumpCare back from the dead.

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Lace up your shoes to resist.

By the end of recess, your MoCs will know that your group is there to hold them accountable for their votes. Now, let’s start planning!

Get everything you need to hit the road and #IndivisiCanvass.

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The best way to take action on your home turf is by reading the Indivisible Guide and joining your local group.

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We think you'll love these.

Here are some of our favorite resources to help you take action holding your members of Congress accountable on your home turf.

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How to Write Letters to the Editor that Get Attention

Letters to the editor might not seem like the flashiest way to get your Member of Congress’s attention. But there’s something about a sharp letter to the editor in a hometown paper that can really get under the skin of the most powerful lawmaker.

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Key Town Hall Questions (Find more in our Policy Resources. Like a scavenger hunt. But smarter.)

Town Hall Question on Trump's Tax Plan

I am worried that Trump’s tax plan, and the one I have seen from House Speaker Paul Ryan, would increase the deficit by trillions of dollars. And since Republicans in the Senate want to pass the bill through reconciliation, they’ll have to offset these huge tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations with cuts to Medicare and Medicaid in order to make them permanent. Will you commit to me, your constituent, that you will oppose any tax plan that jeopardizes Medicare and Medicaid to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations?

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Watch. Learn. Repeat.

Show Up

Protect Immigrants.

Stand Up to Trump’s Multi-Pronged Attack on Immigrants. From DACA to the mass deportation force to Sanctuary Cities and more. It’s not just about the wall.

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Keep TrumpCare Dead.

Get the TrumpCare Toolkit

No Tax Breaks for the Rich.

Here’s the first thing to know: this is not going to be true tax reform. Calling it “tax reform” suggests they intend to close corporate loopholes or address the growing wealth inequality that the current tax code fuels. But that’s not what Republicans have in mind.

Get the Tax Reform Toolkit

Tell them #HandsOff the Budget

While all eyes were on the Senate and the fight over health care, the House of Representatives started moving on the FY18 budget and appropriations. There are three main issues happening on the “budget” front that your members of Congress need to hear from you about over recess.

Get the Budget Toolkit

How to Form Local Partnerships (Part One)

Partnerships can be useful for a lot of different reasons. Maybe you need policy support or data/graphics for some work you’re doing, and another group has the experts who can help you. Maybe you’re having a rally and you want to be sure that lots of people will show up. Maybe you are conscious of the demographics of your own group, and you want to work on issues where other people’s voices should be front and center. Long term partnerships require building trust.

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Tell Trump He Can't Fire Mueller

Trump’s attempts to influence the Flynn investigation and his subsequent firing of Comey are a grave concern for people who care about the integrity of democratic institutions. But there is an even greater risk we must protect against: the firing of special counsel of Robert Mueller.

Protecting Our Democracy Toolkit

Now with all the latest updates from

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Town Hall Question on TrumpCare

It’s clearer than ever that the American people—and a majority of Senators—do not want to proceed with a Republican-only health care bill. Will you reject any further attempts to jam a TrumpCare bill through the Senate without going through regular order? Will you actively support a process that includes meaningful committee hearings, expert testimony, and opportunities for members of both parties to offer amendments?

Town Hall Question on DACA

A program President Obama created called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has offered relief from deportation to almost a million Americans who immigrated to the U.S. as children. Now their future is in Trump’s hands, and it’s very likely he will either end the program or be forced to end it by a lawsuit from a few states by September 5th. What are you doing in Congress make sure DACA recipients are permanently protected from Trump’s deportation force? Will you commit to me today that you will stand up for these youth and co-sponsor [For Senate: the Durbin-Graham “DREAM Act” (S. 1615) // For House: Rep. Gutierrez’s American Hope Act (H.R. 3591)]?

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And this August, your dollars go further thanks to a generous donor who has agreed to match your gift dollar-for-dollar.

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First step: find an event.

Are Your Members of Congress Doing Enough to Fight White Supremacy?

Donald Trump has encouraged violence, racism, and xenophobia from day one. It’s not surprising that Donald Trump refused to condemn the attack in Charlottesville as an act of domestic terrorism. Throughout his candidacy, and through his actions as president, Trump has actively used fear to divide communities, encouraged violence against those who would disagree with him, and has advanced racist and xenophobic policies.

Are your Members of Congress publicly outraged by the events in Charlottesville? Good. Now what are they actually doing about it? We have four things that you can ask them to do to respond to the tragedy.

Learn more about what your Members of Congress can do to Fight White Supremacy
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